Spring Klein Pet Salon LLC's Animal Grooming Services

Why US?

Our mission is to provide professional grooming, in a low-stress environment that will leave your pet feeling happy, healthy and rejuvenated. We use the latest techniques and tools in the grooming industry and will knowledgeably address any questions or concerns you may have. Operated by individuals who genuinely enjoy working with animals, we guarantee that your pet will be treated as if they were our own.

Our Services

We specialize in all trim styles an assortment of services to care for your pet. Understanding that proper grooming is conducive to the overall health of your pet. We have a wide selection of quality grooming services designed to enhance and sooth your pet’s coat and skin type. Your pet is sure to enjoy our friendly atmosphere and especially attentive care during their stay.

Always giving you the opportunity to let us know how we can best accommodate both the needs of you and your pet. You’ll receive an initial consultation to identify health or behavioral issues and discuss grooming specifications. We also are prepared to handle special needs, aggressive, senior or groomophobic pets. Our loving prudent staff are happy to take the extra steps or precautions needed in order to accommodate your pet without sedation. Release Forms

Rates and Policies

Grooming rates vary according to breed, size, temperament and grooming requirements. Therefore, an exact price cannot be given until a groomer is able to examine your pet. Please inform us if your pet has fleas, those that do will be treated with a Capstar tablet with an extra charge.

For the convenience of all of our clients we strive to keep a prompt schedule and recommend that you call ahead to schedule an appointment. We also require a 24 hour notice prior to cancelling an appointment.

We do not take in any puppies that have not had all their shots, this is for the safety of your pet. You must have Distemper/Parvo vac’s with record to show us & Rabies. We do not sedate pets.

Spring Klein Pet Salon LLC reserves the right to refuse services to any animal based on temperament or medical condition, as this may sometimes be necessary to protect other pets as well as the staff.

Dog Grooming

Why not treat your furry friend to a relaxing and rewarding dog grooming treatment from Spring Klein Pet Salon LLC that will be both beneficial to your pet’s health and its appearance.

Cat Grooming

For us, cat grooming is much more than a job, and it is this commitment to excellence that separates us from others in this field. So, if you want the best for your furry feline friend make sure to call our pet care center today.

Doggy Spa

Whether your dog needs a warm soapy bath, some time on our specially designed doggy treadmill or a cut for their furry coat, then we are the first number you should call.

Teeth Brushing

Poor dental care does not only affect your dog’s teeth but it can also contribute to other diseases and infections further down the line. Don’t take a risk with your dog’s dental health.

Animal Nail Care

Not only is it crucial that your pet’s nails are treated so that they look good but there are also a range of health benefits that come with having a health set of nails.

Ear Cleaning

It is vital that all mature and responsible pet owners have their pets’ ears cleaned regularly. And when it comes to high-quality ear cleaning for your pet, one name trumps all else.

Anal Gland Draining

Anal gland draining is one of those treatments that isn’t pleasant for either the dog or the pet care professional performing the task, but is still very important for your canine’s overall well-being.

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